child portrait

I want to give children in my area a portrait worth hanging on the walls of their home. My school portraits and pop-up events differ to larger portrait companies because my aim is to create authentic images that are full character. Children are never forced to smile and as a result the images are honest and genuine.

All viewing and ordering is online and very convenient for parents and schools to navigate. Please see below for my Frequently Asked Questions.

Fine Art School Portrait Photography

Frequently Asked Questions


The school portrait service we provide is an online operation. Families are linked to password-protected online ordering galleries. Galleries are set up according to classroom. Each child will be provided 5-10 images which are presented in both colour and black and white. The family may chose the photos they want printed, as opposed to having a pose chosen for them. I also provide product choices such as canvas gallery wraps and digital images for future printing. A detailed PDF, describing all ordering procedures and shooting day preparation, will be provided to each school for distribution to families.

Prints are ordered online and delivered directly to the school within four weeks of picture day. 

We provide all equipment and personnel needed for photo day.

We handle any questions from parents and families about ordering and products.

We take staff and class photos depending on the school’s needs.

We are willing to work with schools to provide custom services that fit your unique needs.


We have competitive rates and nothing is due up front. We offer a variety of collections and products to fit everyone’s needs. Please use the contact form below for a detailed price sheet. (* note, prices are subject to change). 


We work with each individual school to schedule shoots any time during the academic year.

Please get in touch using the form below for more information.

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