Teresa Devenney Saol Nua Photography

Teresa Devenney Saol Nua Photography

Hi I’m Teresa and this is my why and my story, the reason I do what I do. Read on to learn some more about me.

I wasn’t always a photographer to gorgeous babies and children. I spent some years enjoying the company of preschoolers in a beautiful Montessori. However, for the past six years I have been following my dream to work as a photographer. Remembering when I became a Mum, fifteen years ago, I know I was totally in love and utterly blown away by the teeny, tiny, perfect fingers, toes, belly button, ears and button nose on my beautiful newborn baby girl. I tried in vain to capture these little baby details with my very basic digital camera but it just didn’t cut it. Sadly, details not captured.

Six years later, my little boy came along and the first thing I noticed were his adorable fuzzy shoulders. Oh my god he was so cute! I tried so hard to capture the fuzzy cuteness with my phone and I remember weeping hormonal tears when I produced nothing but blurry photos of my newborn boy. So, I’ve been there. I know how in love with this baby you are and I know that you want to absorb every little detail. This is why I photograph newborns now. To make something beautiful and lasting of this time in parent’s lives.

If you want something meaningful and authentic I am your photographer. Why not let me create something beautiful for you. See some recent newborn and family sessions on my blog page.


I think you know me a little better by now and I would love to get to know you too,
so if you have any questions for me please get in touch.

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