A Special Project for Ollie and You

It was one of the most difficult days of our lives as a family. The day we lost our lovely lab Ollie. He gave us 15 (almost 16) years of devotion, now, it was our turn to give him one last moment of love. It was time to let him go.


Since I started out as a family photographer, including dog portraits have become really important to me and documenting dogs with their loved ones in particular. I would love to share with gift with you when you need it.

But back to Ollie. He was old, yes, but he was full of life still. He’d slowed down, he was deaf now and slept, a lot. He was still very engaged with the family, enjoyed a short walk and afterwards, loved a sleepy cuddle. We have hundreds of photos of him, being silly, out on adventures, snuggling under a blanket. Some of these photos are on display but most of them are on devices and not yet printed.

For the past few years, I have been offering portraits to families with older dogs, and they are always really special. I feel after losing Ollie that I now want to offer that service for free. For families who know they have a limited time with their pet I will come and document this time for them.

No sure this is for you?

The session is gentle and very meaningful. You get time spent with your pet that will be documented and treasured forever. I do ask that you make a donation to an animal charity, details of which will be given when we chat before the session.

I highly recommend you consider a session like this for your dog and family, I promise you will never forget this dedicated time together and you will treasure these images for a lifetime.

Got questions?

Please get in touch with me to chat about what this lovely session involves and when would be the best time for your very special doggie friend. You can also give this session as a gift to someone who needs it.

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