Gorgeous Twin Newborn Photo Session

Even though I am primarily a newborn photographer, I am amazed when parents find time to arrange a newborn photo session. More so when it’s twin newborn photo session

But that is exactly what Roisin and Joe’s doting mum and dad did. I met the babies at just three weeks old. By now everyone had just about settled in to some kind of routine.

We worked together to capture some beautiful moments. Mum and dad were very much involved in the session which really adds to the connection and emotion of each image. The babies were a pleasure to shoot with and each sibling had a calming effect on the other. It was obvious that they already had very different personalities.

I’m so happy that I was able to visit Mike and Deirdre in their home to capture this amazing newborn time for them. I hope they treasure their images as their little ones grow.

Scroll down to enjoy some of the highlights of their in-home twin newborn photo session.

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