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Why breastfeeding Makes a Difference

Recently we celebrated National Breastfeeding Week and the theme this years is ‘Every Breastfeed makes a Difference’. Each county had some breastfeeding events planned. Mum’s all over Ireland enjoyed coffee mornings, support group meetups and even a visit to Aras an Uactarain by a group of mothers to promote the importance of breastfeeding.

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I’m encouraged by the amount of support available to new mother’s now. When my children were babies, and I was breastfeeding, there wasn’t so much available. I found the experience, while very rewarding, quite isolating. I did suffer a little and would have welcomed advice from someone who knew what I was going through. As a newborn photographer, I have met some amazing mothers who want to give their baby the very best but I know from experience that it isn’t always easy. I’m so glad for them that they get the support they need now.

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If you need support you will find lots of helpful information

See gorgeous new baby featured in this article here Baby Molly.

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