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Little Nathan – Baby Photo Session at home

I often meet Mums who are disappointed that, for whatever reason, they didn’t get around to booking a newborn photo session with me when their babies were new and tiny. But please don’t beat yourself up about this, there are only a handful of families who can get it together in those early days to arrange a newborn session. Your baby goes through so many changes and stages in the first year so why not consider a photo session around a particular milestone.

Let’s walk through and older baby photography session

baby toddler photography at home

When I met Nathan recently he had just turned 10 months old. Mum had advised me that he is going through that ‘making strange’ phase so I was well prepared. She was spot on as it did take him a while to warm up to me but within ten minutes or so I was getting some very cute expressions.

baby boy standing window photo natural light

portrait baby green eyes boy

We were lucky that the weather was mild and we took our session to the garden which gave Nathan a break from me and my camera chasing him around the living room. Moving location gives baby a break and makes the session a bit more interesting for them. What baby doesn’t love to be out in the garden?!

outdoor garden photo session baby

toddler photo session garden outdoor

I recommend having a photo session done for your baby before they turn one year old. This is a gorgeous age full of curiosity and wonder as they are exploring their world with new found mobility. They love to be around other people (of course with Mum nearby) and can understand much of what we are saying to them. Capturing their joy is so rewarding and you will have some beautiful, authentic images to enjoy as they grow older.

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baby boy 10 month old photo session at home

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