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Molly – Kildare Newborn Photography

I love meeting a newly formed family. There really is no other feeling like walking into a home that has just welcomed a new baby. I always feel like I should tiptoe my way in in fear of causing a disturbance. But to honest most families are getting on with life while their newborn sleeps close by in their crib. I know, however, that there is a new vibe in this house that was never felt before. It’s a feeling of new love.

My sessions start mid morning as in my experience newborns are calmer and ready to settle again after a busy morning plus the morning light is lovely at the this time of the day. I don’t place my new babies in unnatural positions so their session is totally led by them. Often babies will be awake for a whole session which is fine with me but if baby is sleepy then I can unfold them into their natural sleeping positions and get to work making images of their natural gorgeousness.

Enjoy some very peaceful images from Molly’s newborn photo session and see what Mum Jamie had to say about the experience. If you would like to find out how or when to book a newborn baby session with me please get in touch.


”We had a great experience with the “Just Baby” newborn photo session. Teresa was extremely gentle and patient with my newborn. She knew just how to calm baby when she got fussy and has a keen eye to get the best shots. I love that her style is more natural and less forced/posed than a lot of baby photos. We are absolutely delighted with the resulting photos. There were so many good ones, we ended up purchasing the whole gallery! I highly recommend Saol Nua and would use again. Thank you, Teresa!”

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‘GIFT VOUCHERS’ for newborn photography are also available, they come in values of €50, €100, €200 and €300. They make the perfect baby shower gift or perfect for after baby is born. Please contact me for details on purchasing newborn photography gift vouchers.

You might like to consider another type of session I have on offer at the moment which is the Fresh 48 In-Hospital package.

Support for Mums who are currently breastfeeding or considering breastfeeding their baby is available at

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