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Preparing your baby for their Newborn Photo Session

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Most new parents won’t know what to expect during a newborn baby photo session so I’ve included some helpful information here to help ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. If I’ve left anything out feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

Stay awake baby!

I ask parents to try keeping baby awake for the hour before I am due to arrive to your home. If all fails, I suggest a nice bath. The sleepier he is, when we are ready to start, the smoother the photo session will go and the better the outcome. This really does make a difference to how your time with me runs because I want you to get the most from your session.


It’s Feeding time!

Feeding just before I am due to your home is advisable and, yes, I know babies have a schedule of their own so if that doesn’t work out it’s totally fine. It’s just a good idea for him to eat, relax and have a full tummy when we start.


make eye contact and talk to your baby as much as you can while nursing

Then . . . Time to strip!…

After the last feed, baby can be undressed with a nappy or dressed in something that doesn’t need to go over the head. He can even be wrapped up in a blanket. Newborn baby clothes don’t always fit perfectly so most of the time I will keep them in a swaddle or just a simple baby-gro or vest. Outfits with logos or fussy outfits are very cute but don’t photograph well as they can bunch up and look uncomfortable, so a simple outfit is best.


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…but Keep Warm!

I usually use the master bedroom or living room for baby sessions as the area is big and they are usually the rooms with the best window light. Keeping this room warm will ensure that baby will be comfortable for longer. I will do my best to help keep baby settled and comfortable during the time that I’m photographing him. He will probably be asleep for some of the session but I cannot guarantee this. I love to photograph babies when they are awake as much as when they are asleep.

However, long before you do all of this . . .

Get in Touch!

To avoid missing out on your newborn photo session please get in touch with me now if you are expecting your baby in the next few months. – 085 7212320. 

That’s it! There isn’t much to it. What we want to achieve here is a content baby who is happy while I take some photos. My job is to capture the essence of your baby and I want them to lead the way. 

Lets chat some more. 

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