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What is a Fresh 48 Newborn Photography Session?

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One of my favourite types of sessions is the Fresh 48 photo session, a documentary type session that takes place before you leave the maternity hospital with your baby. As the name suggests it ideally will happen within the first 48 hours after baby is born.

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What type of images does a Fresh 48 produce?

The time you spend with your new baby on the maternity ward is like no other time in your life. So much has just happened and it can be a little overwhelming. Take it from me it can go by in a bit of a blur. Like me you will want to absorb everything so that you don’t forget the little things such as that fluffy downy hair on your babies shoulders, the ridiculously tiny fingernails, those newborn baby wrinkles and of course the love you have for this tiny new person.

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Why would you book a Fresh 48 Session?

I remember feeling very frustrated trying to take a good photo of my baby 15 years ago with my compact camera (smart phones were not around then!). All I managed were fuzzy photos that did nothing to capture the magnitude of what myself and my husband were feeling. I was confined to bed for a couple of days which also make it difficult. During this time you will not doubt be sore and uncomfortable and probably trying to get the hang of feeding. Photos may not be a priority. When I visit you and your baby in hospital I will spend around 30 to 45 minutes with you to capture this amazing time while you just love your baby. If you have older children we can arrange for me to be there when they arrive to see the baby for the first time. I will capture those little faces as they say hello. I wish I had images of these moments for myself.

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What if the birth didn’t really go to plan?

If for some reason your baby needs to stay in the neonatal care unit we can still go ahead with the session, with permission from the staff. This time is just as important and you will want to remember it.

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When should I book my Newborn Fresh 48?

During your pregnancy when you have a due date. I will pencil your date in and you just call me after baby is born. I do a limited number of Fresh 48 sessions so getting in early is essential. Please email me to chat about your date or if I can answer any more questions you might have.

Most maternity hospitals are happy to allow photo sessions but it can sometimes depend on how busy the ward is or other matters. Find out about their policies by contacting them.


Fresh 48 is not for everyone and perhaps you would feel more comfortable with an in-home Newborn Photo Session for your newborn baby. So please contact me to ask any questions you might have.

GIFT VOUCHERS for Fresh 48 photography are now available, they come in values of €50, €100, €200 making the perfect baby shower gift. Please contact me for details on purchasing Fresh 48 photography gift vouchers.

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