Tadhg, my first 2018 baby boy.

Oh, how I love meeting new teeny tiny people. Six week old little Tadhg was no exception, my first shoot for 2018. It was not yet back to school time and this house full of boys were enjoying their last few days of their Christmas holidays. Tadhg is baby boy number four to this lovely family and his brothers regularly nipped in and out of the room we were shooting in to keep an eye on us.

Mum and Dad had decided to go with my new ‘Just Baby’ package for their newborn photography session so Tadhg was to be the only one in the spotlight today. He was just dropping off to sleep when I arrived which meant we could get started straight away with some lovely sleepy shots.

baby boy asleep, newborn, photo, portrait

black and white image baby boy sleeping

All we need is a window with some good light and a comfortable space for baby to relax and we are able to capture some peaceful newborn images. Baby Tadhg was able to have his nap while we moved around him. He even slept through his brothers running in and out to check in with Mum.


About halfway through the session baby got a little restless and I was able to really see his character. He is already a cheeky little charmer. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of me at first but I soon managed to turn some frowns upside down!


A great way to kick off the new year! I hope I’ll be meeting many more teeny tiny people in the next few months.

You’ll find more information of the Just Baby session and other options here.


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