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I won’t pose your newborn baby

I’ve spoken before about how I don’t pose newborn babies for photos. I honestly don’t think it’s necessary or adds anything to the photo session. I will only ever place your newborn in a position that is natural and comfortable for them. I know that photographers who do pose are truly talented and produce beautiful art. But for me, posing doesn’t feel right and when I started photographing posed newborns, almost nine years ago, I yearned to just photograph these beautiful babies as they were, stretching, yawning, curling up and of course sometimes crying. This is who they are and they are beautiful this way.


newborn baby portrait

Of course newborn sessions don’t always run smoothly. Babies can be unsettled with colic or just overtired and not want to be handled by anyone but their Mum. But I spend time helping to settle (see my blog on this very subject…/How-I-learned-to-soothe-a-newb…) and waiting until baby is ready. Natural newborn sessions don’t take 3 to 4 hours as some posed sessions do because I don’t spend a long time trying to get baby to sleep. I will always help to settle a newborn but I make beautiful images if baby is asleep or awake.

Sometimes parents can worry that their baby isn’t going to settle or their toddler won’t co-operate, well that doesn’t matter during my sessions! I work around this and I always manage to capture something that is beautiful and means a lot to the parents and that is so rewarding.

This style of natural newborn photography isn’t for everyone. I know that some parents prefer a posed and styled portrait and I’m ok with that. I always ask potential clients to take a look at the images on my website so that they can familiarize themselves with my style of photography. That way we can work together to create something they will want to hang in their home and will (hopefully) love forever.

If my style of photographing newborns appeals to you please get in touch so we can chat about creating a session for you.

newborn baby girl

‘GIFT VOUCHERS’ for newborn photography are also available, they come in values of €50, €100, €200 and €300. They make the perfect baby shower gift or perfect for after baby is born. Please contact me for details on purchasing newborn photography gift vouchers.

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