Baby Fiadh welcomed by her family

When a new baby arrives in the family, it’s only natural for the grandparents and family to come and meet her, even if they have to travel a very long way. Lucky Fiadh has a large and adoring family from near (Kildare) and far (Canada to be exact). During her newborn lifestyle photography session her grandparents and cousin were on hand to help out and be part of the shoot. Scroll down to see just a handful of these special moments captured forever.

Big brother Finn deserves some of the spotlight too I think!

Images deserve to be printed. By adding an album to your package, your photos are not hiding on a USB or computer but are always available to love and enjoy.

Mum and Dad decided to add a beautiful Lifestyle Album to their package which means they have a special keepsake for baby Fiadh and brother Finn to enjoy always.

Mum and Dad decided to add a beautiful Lifestyle album to their package.

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