Lovely family and newborn photo session in Kildare

I am in love with these images from a recent family and newborn photo session with the Moynihan family. Baby Alma and big sister Elsa are the centre of the Mum and Dad’s world. Such a doting family. It’s a pleasure to spend time with a family who are relaxed and love the idea of having images of their family made in their home.

Sometimes parents are afraid to book a newborn or family session because they are worried about how their children might behave or how their home will look in the photos. There really is no reason to worry because I am there to capture the family as they are and I am able to work around children’s moods. Nine times out of ten the children are fascinated by what’s going on so they are happy to carry on with their day while I capture them at home with their family.

If parents are worried about how their home will look in the photos there really is no need because I am not there to photograph their house. I am there to capture the love and connection between family members. I don’t ask people to tidy up. I will work around clutter, if there happens to be any, or I will move something if it is getting in the way.

Believe me family and newborn photography sessions are a fun and relaxed way to capture your family just as they are.

Dad holding baby and making eye contact

Mum dressing baby on a bed

Mum kissing newborn baby on cheek

baby feet

little girl reading a storybook on her bed

portrait of little girl in her garden

family sitting together looking at newborn baby

newborn baby hair

family dog sitting on brown couch

Even the family dog managed to get herself involved in the session!

Dad and daughter reading a storybook on bed

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