My first 'Fresh 48' with sweet Baby Daniel

Almost two days old!

So I put out the call or rather a Facebook post requesting some willing volunteers for a Fresh 48 Session. This type of session is quite popular across the Atlantic and not so much here but it’s something I had always wanted to do. Luckily Laura was due her baby the following Friday by and was interested in putting herself and new baby forward.

Everything went according to plan and baby Daniel was born by on Friday, beautiful and chubby, weighting over 8 pounds! Mum got in touch early and we decided to do the session on Sunday so she could have some rest after her C-section.

Sunday morning came along with rather stormy weather but that wasn’t a deterrent as I could’nt wait to get started. I havn’t been in The Coombe Hospital since my eldest was born 12 years ago so I was a bit nervous but as soon as I met Laura my nerves vanished. Baby Daniel was so relaxed and didn’t wake at all during the 30 minutes I was there!

So myself and Laura chatted a bit while I captured some peaceful picutres of dreamy Daniel. Mum and baby were hoping to be home the following day so it was great to be able to capture them in this little window of quite time before they left. I loved this special experience and can’t wait to do another. Thank you Laura and Daniel!

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